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BS 5919:1991 download.Specification for Children’s anoraks.
1 Scope
BS 5919 specifics the make-up, (lesign and performance requirements for children’s
anoraks a.s defined in clause 2.
NOTE. The tfllcs of the puhheaoons refrm’d to m BS 5919 an’ listed on the an.sde hack cover
2 Definition
For the purposes of BS 5919 the following definition applies.
A lined and hooded jacket designed to give a degree of protection from inclement weather.
3 Performance
3.1 Outer fabric
The outer fabric shall comply with the requirements of table 1. If the outer fabric i.s quilted, only the outer fabric of the quilting shall be tested for shower and abrasion resistance, as desenbed in table 1.
3.2 QuiltIng filling
If the outer fabric is quilted, the minimum mass per unit area of synthetic filling in the quilting shall be 85 gm2.
3.3 LIning
The lining (including pocket lining) fabric shall
(c)nU)ly with the requirements of table 2.
4 Make-up and design
4.1 Make-up
Whenever possible outer fabric and lining seams shall not be superimposed; if this is not possible, seams with threads passing through all material layers shall not be used. If a quilted outer fabric is used, a separate lining shall be made.
4.2 Cuffs and bottom edges
lb provide the maximum possible protection from inclement weather a tightly fitting cuff shall be used. If a knitted rib or woven elastic fabric is used for the cuffs and bottom edge, it shall have good dimensional stability and be able to recover to 90 % of its original dimensions after stretching in wear, using the pnxedure given in appendix A. The cuffs and bottom edge shall also meet the same colour fastness requirements as the outer fabric, as specified in table 1.
The cuff and welt shall be attached either to both the outer fabric and Lining and be part of the total length, or only to the lining and be covered by the outer fabric throughout the total length.
4.3 Fastenings
Slide fasteners shall comply with [IS 3084. Special care should be taken when sewing in a front slide fastener to ensure that the lining (‘annot become
caught in the slide fastener during use. If the slide fastener tapes are not water repellent, then the fastener shall be positioned so that the tapes are protected from direct exposure to rain. Thuch and close fastener shall comply with BS 7271.
N(11E. Stud 1asteiwri and buttons shoUki 1w serunly attached to thc garnient and should not he coated with a toxic suttancc.
4.4 Pockets
Pockets shall have a minimum size of 10 cm x 10 cm such that a pocket has a minimum
depth of 10 cm vertically below the lowest point of the pocket opening.
N(ltt. h Is also desirable to have a fastenable pocket In the anorak.
A seam slippage test shall be carried out in accordance with appendix B of [*4 2543: 1991 using the lining and outer fabric as the two components of the seam. The performance level shall be as specified for the lining fabrics in table 2.
4.5 Belts
Belts shall he made from fabrics meeting the technical requirements for the outer fabrics (see table 1).
4.6 Prformancc after cleaning The rowrt k’s of the anorak shall be unimpaired after one cleaning in accordance with the manufacturers instnictions.
5 Marking
The anorak shall have a label securely attached marked with the following:
(a) the name, trademark or other means of identification of the manufacturer or retailer;
(b) the number and date of this British Standard, Ic. BS 5919: 1991”;
(c) cleaning instructions in accordance with the recommendations and terminology of [IS 2747;
(d) the chest girth of the child the garment is intended to fit (see [IS 7231 : Part 1).

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