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BS 7086:1989 download.Glossary of terms for Pneumatic tools [ISO title: Pneumatic tools and machines — Vocabulary].
BS 7086 provides a vocabulary for the various types of pneumatic tools and machines, and the attachments that are used with them. The terms are given by category: general, tools for removing and shaping material (portable and fixed: rotary and percussive), tools for assembly work (portable: rotary and reciprocating percussive), tools for lifting, vibrators and miscellaneous.
Alphabetical indexes in English and French are also included.
NOTE The use of the terms “tool” and “machine” may be confusing in the field of pneumatic power tools. “Pneumatic tool” is used for hand-held machines and “pneumatic machine” for larger machines, often suspended or mounted.
However, the term “tool” is also used for the inserted drill, file, chisel, etc. which is fitted to the machine spindle.
In order to differentiate between pneumatic tool and inserted tool, the term “power tool” may be used for the former.
o General terms
0.1 pneumatic tool: Tool powered by compressed air or gas. intended for carrying out mechanical work.
0.2 portable pneumatic tool: Pneumatic tool designed in such a way that it can be carried to its place of use and held by hand during use.
0.3 fixed pneumatic tool: Pneumatic tool designed to be fixed to and made integral with a fixed or moving machine,
0.4 rotary pneumatic tool: Pneumatic tool, the output spindle of which rotates, driven by a compressed air or gas motor. Vane, turbine, radial piston, rotary piston, and axial piston motors are used.
The final movement of the spindle can be rotational and continuous, or rotational and intermittent, or eccentric, or transformed into a reciprocating movement depending on the type of rotary machine considered.
0.5 reciprocating percussive pneumatic tool:
Pneumatic tool, the motor of which is a reciprocating piston that delivers a series of percussive blows. The piston can strike directly onto an inserted tool (rivet snap, chisel or similar), or onto an anvil block, or through an extension rod holding the tool, or the tool can form an integral part of the piston.
0.6 reciprocating percussive pneumatic tool with integral rotation: Percussive pneumatic tool in which each stroke of the piston rotates the tool to a certain angle. polisher: Rotating tool, often a sander, fitted with a flexible pad and a sheepskin or felt pad for polishing surfaces.
1.1.5 die grinder: Pneumatic tool intended for deburring and light cleaning operations. NOTE A die grinder with a burr is also called a file. straight die grinder: Small straight grinder for use with collets and mounted points. angle die grinder: Die grinder where the output shaft is driven through bevel gears so that the output spindle is at an angle to the motor axis of the tool. reciprocating file: Pneumatic tool with a rotary or reciprocating motor driving a file in a reciprocating motion. rotary file: Die grinder fitted with a rotary file or burr.
1.1.6 wire brush: Rotary tool fitted with a wire brush for surface cleaning.
NOTE The term “wire brush” designates the same machine as the term “grinder” but the machine is equipped with a wire brush instead of an abrasive wheel.
1.1.7 saw: Pneumatic tool equipped with a saw blade. saw chain, etc. for cutting materials. circular saw: Rotary pneumatic tool equipped with a circular saw blade. oscillating saw: Pneumatic tool equipped with a saw blade which moves with an angular reciprocating movement. reciprocating saw: Pneumatic tool, with a rotary or reciprocating motor, adapted to drive a saw blade in a reciprocating motion. chain saw: Rotary pneumatic tool equipped with a saw chain.
1.1.8 shear: Rotary pneumatic tool having a cutter in reciprocating motion relative to a fixed cutter, used for cutting sheet metal by shearing action.
1.1.9 nibbler: Pneumatic tool for cutting sheet metal where material removal is caused by reciprocating motion of a punch through a fixed die.
1.2 Portable percussive tools
1.2.1 chipping hammer; caulking hammer:
Percussive tool for chipping, caulking, trimming or fettling castings, welds, etc.
1.2.2 scaler; scaling hammer: Percussive tool for removing rust, scale, paint, etc. through one or several reciprocating work tools.
1.2.3 needle scaler: Percussive tool fitted with reciprocating metal needles for rust or scale removal.
1.2.4 engraving pen: Percussive tool fitted with a high-speed reciprocating metal needle, used for marking. drilling unit with manual feed: Drilling tool with manual feed through a rack or any other means. drilling unit with automatic feed:
Drilling tool with a feed operated by a built-in powered feed device with adjustable stroke.
1.4.3 tapping unit; air feed tap: Tapping tool with a built-in powered feed device with adjustable stroke.
1.4.4 grinding unit: Straight or angle grinder designed for mounting on special grinding machine tools or as a rapid grinding spindle on lathes.
1.5 Fixed percussive tools
1.5.1 sheet pile driver: Percussive tool for driving sheet piles.
1.5.2 pile driver: Percussive tool for driving steel or wooden piles.
1.5.3 sheet pile and pile extractor: Percussive tool for extracting piles and sheet piles.
1.5.4 rock drill drifter: Percussive tool of heavy construction with rotating chuck for drilling holes in rock, used with a suitable support. carriage rock drill drifter: Rock drill drifter, slide-mounted on a carriage, used to strike the rear end of a drill rod which is fitted with a drill bit in its front end. down-the-hole hammer: Hammer which is placed at the front end of a drill rod and which enters the hole progressively as it is drilled. 1.5.5 stone breaker: Percussive tool mounted on a tractor for breaking stone, concrete, etc.
2 Pneumatic tools for assembly work
2.1 Portable rotary tools
NOTE The terms “nutrunner” and “screwdriver” can designate the same machine but fitted with a socket or a chisel respectively.
2.1.1 screwdriver: Rotary, reversible or non-reversible, tool driving a spindle fitted with a screwdriver bit. straight screwdriver: Screwdriver where the axis of the bit is coaxial to the handle. pistol-grip screwdriver: Screwdriver with the handle side-mounted to the motor and bit axis. angle screwdriver: Screwdriver with or without a clutch where the axis of the output spindle is at an angle to the motor axis. stall-type screwdriver: Screwdriver without a clutch, where the torque is adjusted by air pressure. clutch-type screwdriver: Screwdriver fitted with a clutch to adjust the torque. straight impact wrench: Impact wrench with a coaxial motor, handle and output spindle axis. pistol impact wrench: Impact wrench with the handle side-mounted to the motor. angle drive impact wrench: Impact wrench with the output spindle at an angle to the motor axis. torque-controlled impact wrench:
Impact wrench with a device that limits the output torque or with automatic shut-off when a pre-set torque is reached. air-hydraulic impact wrench: Nutrunner where the torque is obtained by a hydraulic impulse mechanism.
2.2 Portable reciprocating percussive tools
2.2.1 riveting hammer: Percussive tool for forming rivet heads. The hammer forms the head indirectly but it normally works on the prefabricated head of the rivet.
2.2.2 one-shot riveter: Riveting hammer which delivers a single blow for every depression of the throttle actuator.
2.2.3 yoke riveter: Combination of a riveting hammer and a holder-on, fitted on either side of a yoke.
2.2.4 holder-on; bucking bar: Hammer or piston acting as a counterset on a rivet, the other end of which is being riveted.
2.2.5 squeeze [compressionj riveter: Linear piston machine without percussion which forms rivets by squeezing.
2.2.6 nailer Istaplerl: Tool for driving nails [staplesi with one or more strokes.
3 Pneumatic tools for lifting
3.1 hoist: Device for lifting and lowering loads.
3.2 winch: Pulling or hoisting appliance, incorporating a cable drum which is supported at both ends.
3.3 capstan: Pulling or hoisting appliance with support of the cable drum at one end.

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