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BS EN 607:1995 download.Eaves gutters and fittings made of PVC-U Definitions , requirements and testing.
1 Scope
BS EN 607 specifies requirements and test methods of eaves gutters and fittings made from unpiasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U), and intended to be used for rainwater drainage.
2 Normative references
BS EN 607 incorporates by dated or undated reference, provisions from other publications. These normative references are cited at the appropriate places in the text and the publications are listed hereafter. For dated references, subsequent amendments to or revisions of any of these publications apply to BS EN 607 only when incorporated in it by amendment or revision. For undated references the latest edition of the publication referred to applies.
EN 638 : 1992’ Plastics piping and ducting systems — Thermopla.ctics pipes — Determination of short term tensile properties
EN 727: 1992’ Plastics piping and duct ing systems — Thermoplastics pipes and fittings — Determination of Vicat softening temperature
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3 Definitions
For the purposes of this European Stawlard the
following definitions apply.
3.1 Components
3.1.1 eaves gutter
A gutter situated outside the building and
supported by brackets.
3.1.2 down-pipe
A pipe fitted to a gutter to lead rainwater from the
gutter I o I lie (I tuiiage’ system or SCWC!
3. 1.3 union-clip (gutter-union)
A fitting for joining two gutters and supported only
by those gutters.
3.1.4 joint-bracket (union-bracket)
A fitting for joining two gutters which is supported
by the building structure.
3.1.5 gutter adaptor
A fitting for joining two different shaped gutters.
3.1.6 angIe
A fitting for joining two gutters installed in two
different directions.
3.1.7 stop end
A fitting for stopping the flow, fixed at the end of
a gutter or an outlet.
3.1.8 outlet
A fitting for draining off the rainwater from the
gutter into the down-pipe.
3.1.9 commercial length
The length of a gutter or a down-pipe which was
produced in a factory.
3.2 Material
3.2.1 virgin material
A material in a form of granules or powder that has not been subjected to use or processing other than that required for their manufacture and to which no reprx sab1e or recyclabic materiafr ha’ e been added.
3.2.2 own reprocessable material Material prepared from rejected unused profiles and fittings, including trimmings from the production of profiles and fittings, that will be reprocessed in a manufacturer’s plant after having been previously processed by the same manufacturer by a process such as moulding or extrusion, providing the complete formulation is known.
3.2.3 external reprocessable material Material comprising either one of the following forms.
a) Material from rejected unused profiles, or fittings or trimmings therefrom, that will be reprocessed and that were originally processed by another manufacturer.
b) Material from the production of unused PVC-U products other than profiles and fittings, regardless of where they are manufactured, that will be processed into profiles and/or fittings.
3.2.4 recyclable material Material comprising either one of the following forms.
a) Material from used piofiles or fittings which have been cleaned and crushed or ground.
b) Material from used PVC-U products other than profiles or fittings which have been cleaned and crushed or ground.
4 Requirements on the material The material from which the gutters and the fittings are made shall consist substantially of unpiasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U), to which may be added those additives needed to facilitate the production of gutters conforming to BS EN 607.
The use of manufacturer’s own reprocessable materials produced during the manufacture and works testing of products conforming to the mterial requirements of this standard shall be permissible. If other reprocessable or recyclable material is used it shall be blended with virgin or own reprocessable material. Such reprocessable or recyclable material shall be of the same type and compatible with the virgin material and shall not exceed 20 % by mass of the blend.
6 Fittings, requirements and test methods
6.1 General
The following types of fittings shall conform to the requirements given in 6.2, 6.3 and 6.4: union clip, joint-bracket, gutter adaptor, angle, stop end, outlet and expansion piece.
6.2 Appearance
When viewed without magnification the internal and external surfaces of fittings shall he smooth, clean and free from scoring, cavities, and uther surface (lefects.
6.3 Shape and dimensions
The fittings shall be compatible with the shape and the dimensions of the profile of the gutter. The outlets shall be compatible with down-pipes and fittings.
6.4 Physical properties
The requirements for the physical properties and the conditions for the respective test methods shall conform to those given in table 2.
NOTE. Any conflicting parameters and requirements given in the test method standards referred to do not appiy.
7 Gutter seals and solvent cements The gutter seals shall have no detrimental effect on the properties of gutters and fittings and shall enable the test assembly to conform to clause 10. If solvent cement is used, it shall be that specified by the producer of the fittings.
8 Designation
Eaves gutters and fittings shall be designated by
a) a description of the product, e.g. gutter, stop
end, outlet:
b) the number of this standard (EN 607);
c) the k!entity block comprising
– the width of the gutter or, in case of a fitting, the width of the appropriate gutter, in millimetres;
– the material symbol (PVC-U). EXAMPLE.
Designation of an eaves gutter of PVC-U with a width of 150 mm:
Eaves gutter EN 607 — 150 — PVC-U
9 Marking
9.1 The marking shall he printed or formed directly on the gutter or, if applicable, on the fitting in such a way that it does not initiate cracks or other types c failure and that with normal storage, weathering and processing, and the permissible method of installation and use, legibility shall be durably maintained. Alternatively for fittings, the marking may be on a permanently attached label.
If printing is used, the co!our of the pnnted information shall differ from the basic colouring of the product.
The marking shall be easily readable without magnification.
9.2 The marking shall include at least the following details:
a) name, which may be abbreviated, or trade-mark of thc manufacturer;
b) upper opening width, in millimetres;
c) quality mark, if a certification scheme is set up;
d) the number of this standard (EN 607).
10 Fitness for purpose of gutter
Gutter systems shall conform to the requirements given in table 3 when tested in accordance with the test methods and associated conditions given there.

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