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ISO 14258:1998 download free.Industrial automation systems Concepts and rules for enterprise models TECHNICAL CORRIGENDUM 1.
Replace text wIth:
lore system, restrictions and IirrWtaltons whidi can come from lrde or outside the system under conederabori, for a model, restflctlcns arid NmltatlonS on the model wnposed by lhe modeler lot some purpose or In response to some system constrsint
Dfinition 2.2.5
Replace text wIth:
a representation ci what an enterprise intends to eccompitab, how ii operates, and. possibly, how ills organized
NOTE An anterpese model te an aberaction triel Iderditwi a’id repreeers th b—C demerits ci an enterprise end Ihemr ctecompoealon to arp neceewy degree. tm iaed. br exan. to mipro.e 1* etiectteaness and eltIdancy dan ar5eiprtea. It else specie., the itdoririieion resmnb Piea stemanta, and prodes the ailoiniabon needed to ddlri the requirements lot irtegred Wdoimstbon qatems.
Subciauses 3.1,3.2, 3.2.1, and footnote
Change all oan’ences of ‘systems theory’ to •syeleni theot(
Page 3
Subclaua. 3.2.3
Change the second and third list items to read
— manage and operate an enterpitse so that It can meet Is obØdtves, and
— wiport an entei’pflse to modify, redesi, diemanhie and rebuild it. Subclause 3.2.4
Replace text with:
To make the iritormation caphe,ed by an enterprise model available to Nirians and mactimes, that inforrTiebon shall be represented either in a neutral format (prateralie) or as specified by the using application.
Subciause 3.2.5
Replace text wtth:
Models as representations of .rrlerpflses, shall exhibit syntax and semantics so that contents of the model are undrwtdeble ho hutnan ters. ml syntax ci a modal refers to the permissible kinds of relation& ml semantics of a model encompass the meerngs of Ibis elements and relations wu1l respect to entenpfl,e.model concepts The syntactic form and semanec content of a model can be diilererit depending. tot example, on the purpose of the model and on the boundary arid rwiromient ci th enterprise.
Subclause 3.3
Delete OndomiaIl.)’ 1mm heading
Subclause 3.3.1
Replace text Mth:
Thre, types at acshites ire requw.d to sotre Issues fotiid wlthn each t-level system life-cycle phase (Pla&Biid. UseaVpemte, RecycfeDHpo,e), These types are
— find out what to do (A activity),
— findouthowtodoil(HacWlty),
— dolI(DactMly).
Figur. I Is an example at a mandactur.d product showing a meppeng betwaen common names for system lifecycl, phases and the what, how. end do acribes
The W. H, and D actwthes may be represented by different types of models. These models shal hexe the capabrlily to intefopefate where it has been detentened that these activities rwad to communicate wdh •ach other. Figur. 1
Change the tile of the hgure to read:
Mapping betwaen system late-cycle phases and system W, H. and 0 actndbes
Subclaus. 3.3.2
Change second paragraph to reed
Feeding modeled Wiomiatlon for,i’d and backward In life-cycle acitintles enables velue-added itefallon U erieipflse processes thst lnwovss product quality.
Subclau.. 3.3.3
Replace text with:
The W, H, and 0 actWwies are recursive and decomposle. Therefore, each acivily can be divided Into s.kacUvillea. and these subactiw*iea set coewist U anothef set at W. K. and 0 activities (see Figure 2)
These sijbactiviles may be represented by dilterent types of models. These models ellal be able to intefoperate where if has been determined that these sU,achvilies need to communicate with each other.
EXAI’LE In a manii.ctistng anwipitse, the adilty Prodi can be. In turn, separated Into lower-ivie W, H. arid 0 acllqies. W aclwiies are uear-ne.di dnsen and comprise any ec5vlbee biey reeu1ieg m a request br wtel w to be proed H ac*4.e. are Iechnology-reqiirwnents dihan and cunpn.e any adiv*ee finely resuMing in hQw the prodiicViysiam has to be twodoced In terms 01 a release stiement D adMbee ant task dihen and comprise any ac*vMies finely merlng In the
ci the prOtht
Figure 2
Change the text In the box enliøed H? to read Design Prodict (From H acivmy at Figure 1) Change the title ci the figure to read
Decompose Deagn Product actMty to show urwveness cIW, H. and D aciMbes Subclause 3.34
change first paragraph to teed:
The W. H, and 0 activities are iterative. Therelore, there is no fixed sequence of these activities, but C Is possible to return to pievious activities to repeat them with idated input (see Figure 3).
Page 6
Figure 3
Change Itie text r the box labeled “H2 to read
Design Product (From H activity of Figure I)
Page 7
Subciaus 3.4.1
Change second peegiaph to read:
From system theoty (see 3,2) there are two kinds of tierarchies: parid twerarofies and kiridcl tierarchas. Pail-of hierarchies represent the composition 01 elements or the decomposition cit systems kind-d tierarchees represent levels of abstraction that are ciiengUshed by generalization and epecialtzation.
Subciause 3.4.2
Replace test wIh
fOnd-of liecazcliies ih&l be used wittitn models to dawty building hocks lot entihes to be modeled. Pail-of hierarchies shall be-used to hr* models 01 dilferent scope and detalhng granularity of decomposition, Subclause 3.5.1
Change brat sentence ci rmti paragraph to read
From system theory (see 32) there are two atructsmg approaches conenorily used for the mapping ci elements and relabons to enterprise related notions
Subclause 3.6.1
Change brat paragraph 10 mad:
M enterpfls. at a seciel ht.$d syatem, determined by properties 01 hisnans and maclimes. Ibaiians (modeled as cb.cts cc resources) in the dllerpfls. have a different behavior (e.g learning and probiem solvwig) Irom maclines (e.g acting and reacting) and sometimes need a deferent kind 01 informatIon.
Pape 8
Subclauae 3.6.12
Replace text with:
Static representation ci behavior is the descrlØ,on 0* the relations between elements 0* the system. Fat example, a business process is a bocal sequence of relations between enlerpnse elements. For that static deecflption it is not necessary to modal the properly Imie because It Is th potentially allowed sequence of ndations, Tine related Wit orrnlon (g. duration. concurrency) Is trussing.
Replace text with:
Sequentially is a riscessary basis to describe behavior Sequential cycles can be considered as similar states being traversed at different tres. Measuring sequential cycles In terms of lime enables discrnination between ividar cycles tha progress at catterent rates.
NOTE Sequentially is used here in a tiroad sensed ds.a*ing the ordering 0* MIy.eaeoaMed event. For exemple, enal. parallel, wiultaneous, eltecnatve. end repMave delion.lilps ate mcludpd,
Subclause 3.6.2
Replace teXt with
Ereerpflse models ehall have the capability to describe behavior; that is, to represent sequentiabty, events, actions. condition, states. Male changes, start Mates. end states. sequencing retstionelhip between actions, and description at Iranalomiatlon lLrnctIons
Properties ci s.quentialty shall be modeled to describe short-term changes ehenever an ndeidual element must be traced nterpnee models used to analyze enterprise performance or to ermillale certain processes shall have the capability to represent effects 01 sequentIal phenomena and the time duratIon 0* each sequence step. Enterprise models shall be capable 0* aepresenhlng sine duration. dtnwilc p.rformance ci processes, and sequential phenomena alter specific un?: of iane
page 9
Subclaus 3.7.3
Delete (lrdormalve) tram th heading
Replace the second paragraph with:
An erlierprise modeler is an observer airoee purpose es to create an enlerpnse model. The modeler shall detine tnainblguouely the purpose for the model (see 3.7.5).
Subclauze 3.7.4
Delet, the second list item.

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