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BS F 130:1987 download.Specification for Rubber bonded compressed aramid fibre jointing material for aerospace purposes.
1 Scope
BS F 130 specifies requirements for the manufacture and testing of rubber bonded compressed aramid (aromatic polyamide) fibre jointing material for aerospace purposes, with or without wire mesh reinforcement and with or without graphite treated surfaces.
NOTE I The titles of the publications referred to in BS F 130 are listed on the inside back cover. NOTE 2 The latest revision of an Aerospace Series standard is indicated by a prefix number.
2 Definition
For the purposes of BS F 130 the following definition applies.
batch of material
a single mix of ingredients that is uniquely
identified and traceable
3 Material designation
The material shall be designated by one of the following:
type A aramid fibre;
type W aramid fibre with wire mesh reinforcement;
type AG aramid fibre with graphite treated surfaces;
type WG aramid fibre with wire mesh reinforcement and graphite treated surfaces.
4 Material
4.1 The material shall consist of aramid fibres and inorganic fillers bonded with a suitable rubber or blend of rubbers, and shall be manufactured in the form of sheets. The major reinforcing fibre shall be aramid. The fibres shall be finely divided and uniformly dispersed throughout the jointing. Asbestos fibres shall not be used.
NOTE Health warning. During manufacture and subsequent cutting and handling of jointing materials containing aramid fibre, dust will be released into the workroom atmosphere. Some of this dust will be in the respirable size range. Health and safety legislation requires this dust to be controlled, preferably at source, so as to minimize the risk of inhalation so far as is reasonably practicable.
4.2 Where a wire mesh reinforcement (type W or WG) is specified, this shall be of aperture size 0.25 mm to 1.00 mm with wire diameter 0.12 mm to 0.32 mm in both the warp and weft directions. The diameter of the wire shall be not greater than 40 % and not less than 7.5 % of the sheet thickness and shall be central in the thickness of the sheet.
The wire mesh reinforcement shall be a single-ply of mild steel. Alternative wire material, mesh sizes and wire diameter shall be subject to contract or order.
4.3 The surface of the sheets of types AG and WG shall be treated with graphite.
NOTE It is recognized that in certain environments graphite treated material may cause corrosion. It is therefore the responsibility of the user to ensure that no corrosion hazard exists within a particular application when graphite treated material is specified (see clause II).
5 Quality and finish
5.1 All types
The sheets of all types of jointing shall be solid run (not laminated), of uniform texture, smooth on both sides and free from irregularities such as blisters, tears and lumps.
NOTE Li is recommended that the standard of finish is agreed between the purchaser and the manufacturer at the time of the contract or order.
5.2 Additional requirements for types AG, W and WG
5.2.1 Type AG. The surface coating of graphite shall be continuous on both sides of the sheet and free from inclusions, runs and holes.
5.2.2 Type W. There shall be no exposed wire on either surface of the sheet.
NOTE Slight pattern marking is acceptable.
5.2.3 Type WG. Type WG shall comply with 5.2.2 and additionally the surface coating shall be continuous on both faces of the sheet and free from inclusions, runs and holes.
6 Thickness
6.1 Nominal thicknesses of sheets shall
be 0.4, 0.5, 0.75, 1.0, 1.5, 2 and 3 mm.
6.2 The maximum permissible variation of any
sheet. when tested using the apparatus described in
Appendix A, shall be in accordance with Table 1.
b) Oil no. I at 150 °C.
c) Liquid 101 at 150 °C.
d) Liquid B at 40 °C.
The test sandwich comprising steel and aluminium as defined in method A of BS 903-A37 shall be assembled dry and immersed in the test medium for 7 days.
Testing with other metals shall be subject to contract or order.
12 Sampling
12.1 General
Material from which sheets of all types of jointing are manufactured shall be in accordance with clauses 4 to 11.
12.2 Types A and AG
12.2.1 A representative sample from sheets from each type and thickness manufactured from each batch of material shall comply with clauses 7 to 10.
12.2.2 Each sheet shall comply with the relevant paragraph of clauses 5 and 6.
12.3 Types W and WG
12.3.1 A representative sample from each type and thickness shall comply with clauses 71) and 8, and (excluding the flexibility test called up in Table 2) clause 9.
12.3.2 Each sheet shall comply with the relevant paragraphs of clauses 5 and 6.
12.4 All types
The first batch tested shall comply with clause 11. Subsequent changes in formulation or method of manufacture shall necessitate a repeat testing for compliance.
13 Identification
Each sheet shall be identified by the number and date of BS F 130 (BS F 130:19872)), the type, nominal thickness (e.g. 0.5 mm), direction of rolling, maker’s identification, batch number and year and quarter of manufacture.

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