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BS ISO 19354:2016 download free.Ships and marine technology Marine cranes – General requirements,
1 Scope
BS ISO 19354 specifies the general requirements for marine cranes of metal construction.
BS ISO 19354 is applicable to the following types of marine cranes:
— deck cranes mounted on ships for handling cargo or containers in harbour or sheltered water conditions;
— floating cranes or grab cranes mounted on barges or pontoons for operating in harbour conditions:
— engine room cranes and provision cranes. etc. mounted on ships (induding floating docks) ror handling equipment and stores in harbour conditions.
NOTE Marine cranes In other types can refer to this document.
BS ISO 19354 is not applicable to the following:
— minimum ambient operating temperatures below —20 °C;
— maximum ambient operating temperatures above +45 °C;
— loads from accidents or collisions:
— lilting operations below sea level;
— transport, assembly. dlsmantilng and decommissioning of cranes;
— lifting accessories. i.e. any Item between the crane and the load:
— lifting operations involving more than one crane;
— hand-powered cranes;
— emergency rescue operations;
— shore-side cargo handling cranes;
— portable cranes on board:
— lifting appliances for lifeboats, lllerafts accommodation ladders, and pilot ladders;
— launching appliances for survival craft and rescue boats;
— gangways. accommodation and pilot ladders and their handling appliances.
2 Normative references
The following documents are referred to in the text in such a way that some or all or their content constitutes requirements of BS ISO 19354. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the Latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.
ISO 4301-4, Crones and related equipment — Clossil?cation — Part 4: jib cranes
ISO 4413. Hyd rouhc fluid power — General rules and safety requirements for systems and their components
4.2 Structural design and requirements
The structure of marine cranes shall be designed according to generally recognized standards and regulations. Requirements for structural design shall comply with ISO 19355.
4.3 Machinery
4.3.1 General The machlne,y of marine cranes shall be designed according to applicable standards and regulations and be capable of withstanding the static and dynamic loads during the operation. The composition and arrangement of machine structures of marine cranes shall conform to the regulations of appropriate organizations, such as classification societies, in order to ensure their safety and reliability.
4.3.2 Mechanism The hoisting mechanism shall be capable of hoisting and lowering the sale working load (SWL) according to the specified service mode, and necessary means shall be taken to avoid the improper winding of the wire ropes during the hoisting.
4.3.22 The slewing mechanism shall be capable of starting up and stopping stably in the allowable operational condition, according to the specified service mode (induding the allowable ship inclination and swing), to place the lifted SWL at the due position. The travelling mechanism shall be capable of making the whole unit and cart start up and stop stably according to the specified sei’vlce mode, and be provided with a device suitable for expected ship’s indinatlon and swing. A crane operating in the open air along a track shall be provided with a reliable wind-proofing device (such as a rail clamping device and other anchors).
4.4 Main components
4.4.1 The bearing components of the marine crane shall be capable of meeting the safety requirements of strength (induding fatigue), stiffness and stability after being loaded.
4.4.2 The loose gear of the marine crane shall conform to the requirements of ISO 16855. ISO 16856. ISO 16857 and ISO 16858.
4.4.3 The selection of wire ropes shall conform to the requirements of ISO 19360.
4.4.4 The requirements of drums shall conform to ISO 19359.
4.4.5 The hoisting. lumng and slewing mechanisms of the crane shall be provided with brakes. The brakes for hoisting and lulling mechanisms shall be normally closed. The safety Factor of the brake shall be not less than 1,5.
4.4.6 HydraulIc cylinders shall be capable of withstanding the pressure and dynamic force in the working condition or oil working condition, Cylinders used In the working conditions of lumng and foldable jib shall be provided with a load control valve, so that even if the pressure of cylinders falls or a hose hydraulic piping breaks, cylinders can also support the jib in posttlon The load control valve shall be mounted directly on the hydraulic cylinder ports.
to prevent the function of the limiter. This switch shall be provided with proper protection to avoid Inadvertent use.
4.6.4 A marine crane shall be provided with overload (hoist load limiting) protection or a load indicator. Alarm shall be motivated when marine loaded with more than 95 % of SWL Motions which increase an overload shall be automatically prevented when marine loaded with 110 % of SWL The overload protection shall be adjusted according to applicable national or international standards.
4.6.5 Cranes operating outdoors shall be provided with devices to warn against wind, rain, snow and overturning. Cranes operating along a track shall be provided with devices for track cleaning and preventing the cart from falling. The anticollision devices, buffers, end stops and anchoring devices shall be sat in accordance with industrial regulations.
4.6.6 Salety Installations, such as cabins, passages, ladders and platforms shall conform to applicable national or international standards or regulations.
4.6.7 Disposal of wind speed indicator, horizontal indicator and fire protection devices shall apply to related standards and rules, e.g. class societies’ code.
4.7 Coating
4.7.1 The service environment for coated marine crones shall be subjected to the highest level of anti- corrosive treatment In accordance with C5-M (marine) specified In ISO 12944-2. The coating type shall be suitable for C5-M specified In ISO 12944-5.
4.7.2 Surface treatment level before coating shall he Sa2 1/2 grade in ISO 8501-1. the surface roughness shall be medium in ISO 8503-1 with about 3 mil -4 mu (75 pm —100 pm). the surface dust rating shall be 1-2’ in ISO 850 2-3, the surface soluble salt content shall be no more than 50 mg/m2.
4.7.3 Coating shall be applied within 4 hours after the surface treatment
4.7.4 The environmental test shall be carried out before coating. to Inspect the ambient temperature. surface temperature of members, air humidity and dew-point temperature. etc.; the coating environment shall comply with the following requirements:
— the minimum surface temperature of members shall be S C and maximum surface temperature shall be 35 C;
— substrate temperature at least 3 C higher than the tested dew point;
— relative humidity 85 % and wind speed sO,5 rn/s.
The coating Inspectors shall be qualified according to ISO 12944-5.
4.7.5 Antl.corroslve treatment, surface treatment, environmental test and coating which Is not specified in standards set In 4,L1 to 4.L.4 shall be carried out in accordance with generally accepted standards and coating manufacturer’s recommendation.
4.8 Test
A marine crane shall be tested according to ISO 19356 and classification rules.

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