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ISO 3758:2012 download.Textiles-Care labelling code using symbols.
The variety of fibres, materials and finishes used m the production of textile articles, together with the development of cleansing and care procedures, makes it difficult and often impossible to decide on the appropriate cleansing and care treatment for each article simply by inspecting it To help those who have to make such a decision (prmc,aIly the consumer but also launderers and dry cleaners), this code of graphic symbols was established, based on the GINETEX care labeling system, for use in the permanent marking of textile articles with inlormation at, their care in use as an International Standard en 1991. In certain countries GINETEX has the intellectual property right of the 5 main symbols specified in ISO 3758.
In order to make this code ‘easily understandable and recognizable’ for the consumer world-wide, symbols have been limited as to types and numbers as far as practicable.
The test and second editions at ISO 3758 published In 1991 and 2005 were a result of a compromise between two requirements: being simple enough to be understood by users in all countries. irrespective of the language they speak, yet providing as much information as possible to prevent Irreversible damage being caused during care traatments ISO 3758 has been made sufficiently flexible to accommodate the needs of pe’acllcalhj all who wish to use it This has been achieved by providing a sufficiently large selection at care treatments, from which the user may select the most suitable for any particular need
The revision was necessary to reflect current cleansing practices induding technical developments, new bleach systems, and the alternative to conventional dry cleaning using aqueous systems. Furthermore. modifications in the description of care processes have been introduced in order to aveid hindering process development.
The international care label used in ISO 3758 gives care instructions using a sequence of symbols an the order of five main treatments: washing, bleaching, drying, ironing and professional textile care
Annex A has been developed to give a descrçtion of characteristics and available test methods to ensure the correct selection of care symbols.
Annex B deals wilt, regional and national requwements in care labelling.
When deemed necessary, words may be used as wel as the symbols Examples are inducted in Annex C.
ISO 3758
— establishes a system of graphic symbols, intended for use in the marking of textile articles, and for providing Information on the most severe treatment that does not cause irreversible damage to the article during the textile care process, and
— specilies the use of these symbols in care labelhng.
The following domestic treatments are covered: washing, bleaching, drying and Wooing. Professional textile care treatments in cfry and wet cleaning, but excluding industrial laundering, are also covered. However. it is recognized that information imparted by the domestic symbols will also be of assIstance to the professional cleaner and launderer.
NOTE Snbols far industrial Laundeilig cen be found in ISO 30023.
This International Standard applies to all textile articles in the form in which they are supplied to the end user.
2 Temis and definitions
For the purposes of ISO 3758, the following terms and definrtions apply
textile articles
yarns, piece goods and made.up articles containing at east 80 % by mass leidile material
process designed to clean textile articles in an aqueous bath
NOTE Washing includes all or some of the $olloiang operations in relevant comblnalion#
Ioing. pre.washing and main washing — carried out usually with h.$lng, mechanical scion and In th. presence at datergents cc other products — and ivwing;
— waler .xbsdbcn. Li. spinning or wringing performed dunng and.’or at liw end of the operations mentioned ov. These operation. may be fled out by machine or by hand.
process carried out in an aqueous medium before, during or after washing, requiring the use of an oxidizrng agent including either chlorine or oxygen/non.chlorlne products, for the purpose of improving soll and stain removal andlor improving whiteness
chlorine bleach
agent that releases hypoctilorite ions in solution, e.g. sodium hypochoorite
4 Application and use of symbols
4.1 ApplicatIon of symbols
The symbols detined an Clause 3 shstl, when possible, be placed either directly on the article or directly on the label. Wbere this is not possible, It is sufficient to indicate the care instructions on the packag Wag only. Labels shall be made of suitable material with resistance to the care treatment lndated on the label at least equal to that of the article on which they we placed.
Label and symbols shall be large enough for the symbols to be easy to read and remain readable throughout the lifetime of the article.
Labels shall be permanently affixed to the textile malenal. m such a way that they can be easily located and read by the consumer and that no part of the symbols Is hidden.
4.2 CharacterIstics and test methods for th. selection of appropriate symbols
The relevant diaracteristics and the respective test procedures we laid down In Annex A (lnlorn,abve).
4.3 Use of symbols
The symbols shall appear In the order washing, bleaching. drywig, Ironing and professional textile care.
If more than one drying symbol or more than one professional texitie care symbol is needed, they shall appear In the order washing, bleaching, tumble drying, natural drying, ironing, professional dry cleaning and professional wet cleaning.
If no Information Is given on any of the main five symbols descflbed by this International Standard, then any care treatment covered by that symbol can be used.
The treatments represented by the symbols apply to the whole of the textile article, unless otherwise specified. See also Annex B.

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