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SAE J33-2009 pdf free download.Snowmobile Definitions And Nomenclature – General.
SAE J33-2009 sets forth accepted definitions and terminology of major components and parts peculiar to snowmobiles. Illustrations have been selected to identify functional characteristics and to identify common mechanisms. They are not intended to show all existing commercial machines or to be exactly descriptive of any particular machine. These criteria were prepared to facilitate clear understanding and promote uniformity in snowmobile nomenclature.
2. References
2.1 Applicable Publication—The following publication forms a part of this specification to the extent specified herein. The latest issue of SAE publications shall apply.
2.1.1 SAE PUBLICATION—Available from SAE, 400 Commonwealth Drive, Warrendale, PA 15096-0001.
SAE J1038—Recommendations for Children’s Snowmobile
3. Definitions
3.1 Snowmobile—A self-propelled vehicle intended for ofl-road travel primarily on snow, having a curb weight of not more than 450 kg (1000 Ib), driven by a track or tracks in contact with the snow, steered by a ski or skis in contact with the snow, with the following special classes:
3.1.1 CLASS I-COMPETITION SNOWMOBILE—A snowmobile intended only for competition as stated and identified publicly by the manufacturer.
3.1.2 CLASS Il-CHILDREN’S SNOWMOBILE—A snowmobile intended only for use by children, as stated and identified publicly by the manufacturer. For a more detailed definition, see SAE Ji 038.
3.2 Operation Weight—The total weight of a snowmobile including a full load of fuel, oil, coolant, tool kit (supplied by manufacturer), and an 80 kg (175 Ib) operator.
3.3 Curb Weight—The total weight of a snowmobile including a full load of fuel, oil, coolant, and tool kit (supplied by manufacturer), but without any occupants or cargo.
3.4 Unladen Weight—The weight of a snowmobile without load, fuel, and oil, but comprising of all other materials necessary for its operation.
3.5 Flotation Area (Bearing Area)—The projection in a horizontal plane of the area on the surface of the track and skis which contact the snow. To account for machine penetration into snow, the projection plane is located 75 mm (3 in) above a nonyielding horizontal surface supporting the snowmobile while in a curb weight condition. (See side view Figure 1.)
3.6 Snowmobile Cutter—A sleigh designed to be drawn behind a snowmobile.
4. Snowmobile Dimensional Definitions—The dimensions listed are defined by Figure 1 and are to be taken with the snowmobile in an unladen weight condition on any unyielding horizontal surface, with the following exceptions:
4.1 Overall Length—The horizontal distance from the foremost part of the snowmobile, to include the bumper and ski or ski handles, to the rearmost part of the snowmobile, to include the bumper or other fixed attachments.

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