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BS EN ISO 61:2000 download.Plastics — Determination of apparent density of moulding material that cannot be poured from a specified funnel.
BS EN ISO 61 specifies a method of determining the apparent density, i.e. the mass per unit of volume. of loose moulding matenal that cannot be poured from a funnel of specified design.
NOTE — Foe a nwthod of determining 1h appMent density of bow moulding material that can be poured from a scih•d funnd see ISO 60.
A knowledge of apparent density is of limited value in estimating the relative fluffiness or bulk of moulding materials, unless their densities in the moulded condition are approximately the same.
2.1 Balance, accurate to 0.1 g.
2.2 Measuring cylinder, smoothly finished inside, which may be constructed of metal, of capacity 1 000 ± 20 ml and internal diameter 90 ± 2 mm
2.3 Plunger, consisting of a hollow cylinder of mass
2 300 ± 20 g. closed at one end and having an external
diameter slightly smaller than the internal diameter of the
measuring cylinder. The plunger mv conveniently be
weighted with lead shot.
3.1 Drop 60 ± 0,2 g of loose moulding material, little by little, into the measuring cylinder (2.2) so that it is distributed evenly with its surface as level as possible. Lower the plunger (2.3) slowly into the measuring cylinder until it is entirely supported by the material. After 1 mm, measure the height of the material, with the plunger resting upon it, to the nearest 1 mm, A convenient method of measuring
the height of the material is, for example, by means of a suitable scale marked vertically on the outside surface of the plunger.
3.2 Make three determinations on the sample of moulding material under test.
The apparent density of the moulding material under test is given, in grams per millilitre (see note) by the formula
m is the mass, in grams, of the material placed in the measuring cylinder (i.e. 60);
A is the internal crosssectional area of the measuring cylinder, in square centimetres;
Ii is the height of moulding material in the measuring cylinder, in centimetres.
NOTE — AIthou apparent density is c&cutated in grns pet cub.c centimetre. it is expressed here in arvn per millilitre for th. sake of uniformity with ISO 60. No adustment of the test rsult is required.
Take as the result the arithmetic mean of the results of the three determinations.
The test report shall include the followir.g particulars
a) complete identification of the material tested;
b) the individual results and the mean.

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